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Why Coaching Matters: Three Relationships Every Leader Needs

There’s an old and honored principle that states, “Everyone needs Paul, Barnabas, and Timothy.” These three first-century men perfectly illustrate the concept of coaching in life, but their relationships can also be applied to modern leadership and business coaching.

Who Are Your Business Besties?

Barnabas is the one who walks beside you. He or she is your peer and your friend. This person may not have the same background or be building the same business as you. But they do have a goal or vision for their lives that’s similar to the one you have.

Many online business owners already have a Barnabas or two in their lives. These may be friends you made in a forum or Facebook group who also run online brands. Your Barnabas could be someone you’ve met at an offline networking event and cultivated a deep friendship with.

Who Are You Teaching?

Timothy is the mentee. This is the person who isn’t on your level yet, so you’re coaching them. You may do this in an official capacity but most business owners quietly lead others in the background.

You may call your Timothy an intern, an apprentice, or student. Whatever word you prefer, your Timothy is the person you’re pouring time and energy into.

Who’s Growing You?

Paul is the person who's challenging and growing you. You can bring questions, get feedback, and learn how to navigate a difficult season in your life. Sometimes your Paul will coach you through gentle nudges and lots of encouragement. But when needed, your Paul may also deliver a big kick in the rear. Your Paul won’t accept excuses because he or she doesn’t want to see your dreams stall for months or years while you “get around to it.”

Who’s Already in Your Life?

Look around at your relationships and ask yourself who you already have. You may have a Barnabas friend that relates to your struggles. You may have a newbie who needs direction and help.

Both of these relationships are important, but your coaching relationships aren’t complete if you don’t have a coach of your own. You need someone who can partner with you to help you transform your wishes into reality. A coach asks provocative questions, leads you through enlightening exercises, and helps you set attainable benchmarks so you can successfully crush your goals.

Embracing these three relationships allows knowledge and wisdom to flow through you and your leadership from every angle. You need the cheerleading that comes from Barnabas, the teaching you pour into Timothy, and the insights that come from Paul.

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Great analogies!!!

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