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Master Your Minutes: Three Time Taming Tips for Productive Leadership

Ever feel like you're juggling a million tasks and running on a perpetual time deficit? You're not alone. While an extra day in February might sound like a time-saving gift, reality often leaves us feeling just as overwhelmed. But fear not because we've got three game-changing time-taming tips to help you conquer your schedule and unleash the productivity beast within.

1. Discover Your Relationship to Time and Deadlines:

Just like a lion tamer controls a mighty lion, understanding your relationship with time is the key to mastering it. Are you a sensor, tackling tasks methodically and never missing a deadline, or a perceiver, thriving on the adrenaline rush of last-minute pushes? Discovering your personality type's unique approach to time is the first step toward effective time management.

Consider taking a personality-type assessment like TypeCoach to unveil your time-related tendencies. Working with a coach armed with tools like the TypeCoach verifier can provide valuable insights into your unique wiring. By aligning your strategies with your personality, you'll gain control over time and make it work for you.

Join us for the Time Taming Tips Lunch and Learn on Wednesday, February 28, from noon to 1 pm. It's the perfect opportunity to dive deeper into mastering your relationship with time.

2. Time Audit: Uncover the Gems, Tame the Time Suckers:

Ever wonder where your time goes each day? A time audit is your secret weapon to uncover hidden patterns and regain control. According to a survey by Timewatch, a staggering percentage of people spend hours on tasks or meetings unrelated to their roles. Start by tracking every activity using tools like a Trello board or a simple notebook to break free from this cycle.

Rhonda Melogy's template from Freedom to Impact is an excellent resource for structuring your time audit. Identify your regular routines, locate time suckers, and evaluate each activity's value. Armed with this information, craft an ideal weekly schedule. Can you eliminate specific tasks, delegate, or outsource? Your refined schedule will become a roadmap to efficient time management.

3. Time Blocking and Task Batching: Streamline Your Focus:

Constantly switching between tasks can drain your mental energy. Enter time blocking and task batching – your dynamic duo for focused, uninterrupted work. With time blocking, allocate specific blocks for crucial tasks or projects, whether mornings for deep work or Fridays for financial obligations.

Task batching takes it further by grouping similar tasks for efficient handling. Say goodbye to scattered focus and hello to enhanced productivity. By embracing these methods, you'll transform your approach to daily tasks and reclaim control over your precious minutes.


Mastering time is not about having more of it but understanding and optimizing your time. Armed with these three time-taming tips, you'll tame the time beast, leading with purpose and productivity. Don't let time manage you – take charge and become the leader who orchestrates every minute with intention.

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Dig deeper into these strategies and pick up more tips and a delicious lunch at the Time Taming Tips Lunch and Learn. Register today for Wednesday, February 28th, from noon to 1 pm MST.


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