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Are You a Jerk @ Work and Don't Even Know It?

Do you struggle to land or keep a job? Are you frustrated that you're not getting hired or excelling in the workplace?


Well, you're in luck! Knock It Off! How To Quit Being a Jerk @ Work was written to help you identify your level of jerkiness and figure out how to knock it off.

You'll learn how to identify your strengths and personality type; make a great first impression - from a well-written resume to interview etiquette; what to do when you don't know what to do; fireable behaviors to avoid; the things that drive bosses insane; and even how to quit a job gracefully.

This book is packed with true, but hilarious, examples and practical tools to help you quit being a jerk and become a crazy good employee.

Order the ebook everywhere ebooks are available.


Available now on Amazon! The electronic version is available everywhere you purchase ebooks.

Advance Praise

In Knock It Off!, Guyla Greenly addresses a wide range of topics that will help individuals become a valuable employee. From suggestions on best practices for applying and interviewing for a job, to steps for becoming an invaluable employee, all the way to exiting a job well, Guyla provides numerous practical tips for successfully getting along in the workplace. Her warm, personal writing style presents the information in a way that is easy to read and implement to real life.

Paul White, Ph.D.

Co-author, the best-selling The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace

Psychologist & Workplace Relationship Expert

Dr. Greenly presents straight answers with a good blend of humor as she talks to job seekers about how to prepare for, get, and keep a job! Her sound advice and practicality throughout the book engage the reader and draw them into participation! The book begins with a chapter on The Importance of Knowing Yourself and ends with a chapter on Should You Stay or Should you Go? Guyla covers everything in between so the reader really has no unanswered questions! Each chapter ends with a checklist for the job seeker recapping key points, but more importantly, providing step-by-step actions they need to take to keep moving forward in their endeavor. Woven into the practicality is the research behind the why’s for actions and protocol! I laughed out loud, and as someone who has been on all sides of the hiring process, has trained job seekers, and worked with employers in hiring those seekers, I say, “way to go Dr. Greenly!”

Diane M. Wiater, Ph.D.

Strategist, coach, leadership development, and small business consultant

Wiater Consulting Group, LLC

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