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And What Can Leadership Coaching Do For Me?

Hi!  I'm Guyla Greenly. Welcome to Dandelion Leadership Coaching. Why Dandelion? Dandelions thrive anywhere, they're tenacious, and their seeds spread easily. Whether you are an established leader or an emerging professional blowing in the wind, coaching can help you transform your wishes into reality. With over 30 years in the business and non-profit worlds, I've honed the ability to connect quickly with others, delivering fresh perspectives and practical tools you can use immediately.  I'm adept at getting to the heart of your personal and professional challenges, and working alongside you to beat them.



As a speaker and coach, I can help you experience personal development and transform your workplace into a positive environment. Together we'll focus on topics like becoming an influencer, conflict resolution, toxic workplaces, communication strengthening, and strategic foresight and planning.

Are we a good match?  Well, not if you prefer one-size-fits-all solutions, or you're not ready to hear hard truths and make bold commitments. But, if you want to change and don't know how or why; if you're seeking personal or corporate growth; or the opportunity to develop individual employees, then ABSOLUTELY! If you want someone to come alongside you and identify next steps to success, call me. Let's schedule a free phone or in-person chat. I look forward to working with you!





Slid into the year with 11 days to spare. Within 3 months greeted fellow shoppers from the cart with a clear “hi.”


Became adept at networking by attending 3 separate elementary schools in 3 different states in 3rd grade. Showed my systematic, methodical tendencies by reading every book in the Little House on the Prairie series in order. Eventually ended the nomadic, military-brat life and planted deep roots in Wyoming.


Earned my first degree – a high school diploma.


Showed dubious leadership skills by bullying the only other "Guyla" I’ve ever met.


Loved living across the alley from the Goshen County Library. Read every single Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Trixie Beldon, Boxcar Children, and Sherlock Holmes book in each series. Became a lifelong mystery buff and Sherlock Holmes sympathizer. Parents got rid of the television, started reading a book a day




Brought a curly-headed, blue-eyed, ornery baby boy into the world, followed 2 years later by a move to Tennessee, and a straight-haired, blue-eyed, feisty baby girl. Started working as a staff writer at the Chester County Independent. Regularly published freelance articles, edited a family cookbook, and started a writer’s group.

Completed my first college degree – an associate in general business. Got married and published for the first time – a short poem meant to be funny. Strangely prophetic:  
   "Juxtaposition in Love" 
        With this ring
        I’ll take the stereo
        I thee wed
        You take the dog.




He took the stereo and I got the dog.

Graduated with a second associate – this time in journalism–and a BA in humanities and fine arts, emphasis in English


Moved back to Wyoming and signed up for 24 credit hours through the U of Wyoming and Casper College.



Completed a certificate in non-profit management from the University of Chicago. Earned the Realtor Certified Executive designation, graduated with a Master’s of Communication in Journalism from Regent University and bonus son made me a mother-in-law & a grandma.

Became publications editor at a church while continuing to publish freelance articles. Took a job with a realtor association then became CEO. Took 2 trips to South Africa. Added a bonus "son" to the family.



Studied. Went to Uganda and Ethiopia. Studied some more. Halfway through the doctoral program and starting a coaching business. Still studying.



I've graduated! You can now call me Dr. Guyla. I published a book - Knock it Off! How to Quit Being a Jerk @ Work. 


Took a trip to Ireland - blew a kiss to the Blarney Stone (since I already have the gift of gab). Decided to retire from the realtor association, racked up several certifications, and joined the Board of Directors of Horizon International. Added a son-in-law to the family.




Honed my Zoom skills. Studied. Evaded murder hornets. Still studying. Are you ready to benefit from all this studying?

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